Spring 2018

Dog on man's chest lying on a couch

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Issue

by Jennifer Zoltanski

Outsider, Breck Young

Dog Diaries 

This eclectic issue of The Mind’s Eye explores the tangible and symbolic bonds that people have with dogs. Submissions include poetry, fiction, science fiction, essay musings, artistic works, photojournalism and more formal academic research/papers.

The loss of one’s beloved dog companion is so psychically traumatic that many dog owners swear they will never again have a dog because the hurt is just too great. And yet, many do because dogs teach us so much about our own selves and the world in which we live. This has been the case for thousands of years. In this issue of The Mind’s Eye, we examine these bonds from a variety of perspectives.

Jennifer Zoltanski
Guest Editor & Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology, MCLA


David and Nicole Braden-Johnson, Ode to Rosie

Bailey Brissett, Curled Up

Michael Chin, Pink Man

Susan Haris, Street Dogs in India: Urbanization and Biopolitics in the Anthropocene

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Selected Poems

Carl Nelson, Our Old Dog (Curled In Some New Position)

Shawn Rosenheim, Triptych with Pets 

Gregory Scheckler, Easerville

Nicole Stearns, Instinctual 

Julia Wendell, Selected Poems

Breck Young, Outsider

Jennifer Zoltanski, Eulogy for Amber—Beloved Banshee Girl