Biology Research

Independent Research Opportunities

Independent research is an excellent way for students to practice hands-on research skills. Independent research is not a requirement for the major, but students in the Honors Program will need to complete thesis research. Faculty research interests are described on the faculty page, and specific projects that students might work on in any given semester are provided to enrolled students on the Biology Department’s Canvas page.  Students can also design projects in collaboration with faculty members that address research questions of personal interest.

Undergraduate Research Grants

Students conducting independent research can apply for an undergraduate research grant of up to $300 for an individual or $600 for a group.  These funds can be used to purchase research supplies or to cover costs associated with research travel or travel to professional meetings. Additional details and instructions can be found on the Student Research and Travel Grant website.

MCLA Undergraduate Research Conference

The Undergraduate Research Conference has been an annual event on campus since 2003. The conference showcases independent research conducted by students in the natural and social sciences. All students conducting research are encouraged to submit abstracts to the committee overseeing the conference.

Other research conferences

Students conducting undergraduate research have presented their findings at a variety of regional and national research conferences, including: