Broadcast Media

Broadcast Media is a dynamic, multi-platform, fast-changing and frantic environment in which media employers seek multi-skilled, imaginative and focused team players to advance their productions. They want flexible, highly skilled graduates with insight into how to accomplish ‘storytelling’ tasks effectively and speedily. Broadcast media at MCLA equips you not just with skill sets in television, video & audio editing, radio and media broadcast but also critical thinking in journalism, documentary and other media genres. Whether or not you want to work in this field, our program introduces you to new ideas as well as technologies before advancing you through project experiences that increase your storytelling knowledge while raising your critical awareness about your community and our society.  

Tuition reduction for residents of ME, NY, or RI
Broadcast Media students who reside in these states are eligible to receive a tuition reduction of $8,500.

Total credits required for Broadcast Media concentration: 48

Foundation courses - 24 credits

Department electives - 6 credits

Concentration courses - 18 credits


Concentration Courses 

  • Radio Production (ENGL 212)
  • Basic TV Production & Broadcasting (ENGL 214)
  • Advanced TV Production & Broadcasting (ENGL 314) or The Popular Arts as Business (ENGL 318)
  • Either two electives from Special Topics in Communications courses, such as Making Meaning: Theory & Practice in Media Production (ENGL 481)
    Two electives that are 300-level or above:
    • Creative Writing: Scripts (ENGL 302)
    • Broadcast Delivery (ENGL 316)
    • Global Issues in Communication (ENGL 319)
    • Broadcast Journalism (ENGL 324)
    • Special Topics in Communications (ENGL 481); by subject, this course may be repeated
    • Directed Independent Study (ENGL 500)
    • Internship (ENGL 540)