About Us


The Berkshire Compact for Education was created in 2005 after a study of the area highlighted the need for a regional conversation around the local education pipeline. Greater coordination helps to ensure that county residents acquire the skills and credentials needed in the transition to a new economy. Compact members have come together around the goal of encouraging every resident of Berkshire County to attain at least 16 years of education and training. More detailed information about our goals can be viewed here.


The Berkshire Compact for Education is a group of regional civic, education and business leaders who seek to ensure the well-being of each individual and the strength of our economy and community by raising the educational access, aspirations and attainment of Berkshire County residents.


In addition to creating a culture of lifelong learning and establishing effective county collaborations and partnerships, this undertaking has resulted in higher test scores, more low-income students attending college, and increased skill levels in the local workforce.

Compact initiatives have impacted thousands of local students between 2005 and 2015:

44 Reach Out for Education episodes 4,000 high school internships
110 Berkshire Youth Leadership Program alumni 4,200 books distributed to young children
1,100 dual enrollments 1,200 8th graders attended career fairs
1,100 3rd graders on college visits 17,000 career exploration participants
8,000 6th graders on college visits  

Professor performing experiment for 3rd graders

Third grade students in the lab during a college visit, Dec 2, 2014.