Crime Prevention Alert

Campus Crime and Safety Alert

The Department of Public Safety - Campus Police, in conjunction with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts administration, makes every effort to ensure information regarding any extraordininary event(s) that may pose a potential or continuing public safety threat to the campus community at large, is distributed to the same when deemed appropriate and necessary. The purpose of such notification is to ensure the highest regard for health, safety and the protection of life and property is maintained within the campus community.

A variety of methods are used to disseminate these public safety alerts, including phone calls, voicemail messaging, e-mail announcements, postings or at times, the services of the local media. The timing and method of notifications will depend on the level of severity of the event or emergency, an assessment of it based on the timeliness and accuracy of available information and the creation and implementation of an emergency action plan that takes into account the best safety practices for such notifications.

Notifications will typically come from the Department of Public Safety - Campus Police, as this department serves as the 24 hour, seven days a week, operation on campus where reports of public safety related information are made. The department also has direct contacts with the North Adams Police and Fire Departments, as well as the Massachusetts State Police, in the event reports involving the safety of the campus community are made to them.

All campus community members are urged to make similar notifications of events related to the health, safety and protection of life and property on campus, using the department's Emergency Line at 662-5100 or 911.