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Keynote Luncheon Address 2022

Elsa "Rose" Mastico '18

Rose Keynote 2022

Rose Mastico (class of 2018) currently works as a User Experience (UX) researcher at Geode Capital Management in Boston. After graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology, Rose went on to complete a Masters in Experimental Psychology in Washington State. With a heavy focus in neuroscience, Rose studied the conscious mind and emotions completing both a senior thesis at MCLA and a master’s thesis on the subject. Believing she wanted fast track into a PhD program, Rose went to a master’s that set her up for that track. One year into the program, however, she found a craving for a more dynamic approach to psychological research. Through trial and error, she soon found the field of User Experience Research.

Four months out of her master’s program Rose landed an independent contractor gig working as a UX Researcher for a small robotics startup company based in Armenia and LA. The startup introduced her to a career in tech where she worked with consumers to understand their needs in relation to her company’s product. From there, she learned that tech has no boundaries and can be found in a variety of businesses. She moved into her current position in November of 2021 after a year working in the startup world. Although her company is a financial asset company it has a thriving technology team that Rose is a part of. The company is on the forefront of creating cutting edge financial management systems and Rose’s job in this company is to make sure the design of the system is supported by unbiased and intentional research. This year she is working toward a managerial position where she will lead product development and a future team of UX researchers.

In her free time, Rose enjoys staying close to friends and family in MA and exploring new parts of the city of Boston. She has recently taken on a new role as an aunt and is starting out as enthusiastic mentor to students who are looking to break into new research fields.

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