Teaching Assistants

Become a Teaching Assistant

The department of Modern Languages at MCLA offers Spanish, Italian, and French students the unique opportunity of working as Teaching Assistants in the language classroom. This opportunity is available only at the graduate level in most colleges and universities in the U.S.

Students receive three elective credits by enrolling in MODL 495 (Teaching Assistant in Modern Languages), and assist the course instructor by collecting and checking student work, recording attendance and grades, helping students one-on-one outside of class, and facilitating class discussions. 

Generally, Modern Languages TAs are advanced-level students (or native speakers) of French, Spanish, or Italian. They receive extensive training by Modern Languages professors before becoming TAs. Usually, students who receive a Teaching Assistantship within the department are committed to helping others, and often have an interest in pursuing a career in teaching.

For further information, email Professor Graziana Ramsden or call 413.662.5399.