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Student Engagement Guidelines


MCLA’s clubs and organizations play an essential role in creating and maintaining a supportive community at our institution. This guide, compiled by Student Engagement and Student Government, is a comprehensive set of guidelines and resources to help clubs and organizations develop a presence on campus and create meaningful experiences for students.

The Student Government Association (SGA) Office serves as a central space for Student Government and all of its associated clubs and organizations. 

Location & Hours

Campus Center, Room 310/311
Monday – Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Murdock 208
Tuesdays 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Office Resources

  • Banner/poster supplies (Pens, markers, scissors, rulers, paints, banner paper, etc.)
  • Die-cut machine (Capital letters, numbers, and punctuation)
  • Computers and printers*
  • Club equipment/material storage
  • Meeting space
  • Assistance from the SGA Office staff
  • Budgeting help from the SGA Budget Finance Committee, Office Manager, and Programming Assistant 

*To use the SGA printers, email with the information and schedule a pickup with the Student Government Office Staff.

Equipment Rentals

The host is responsible for picking up and returning all pieces of equipment they borrow before and after their club event. If equipment comes back missing or broken, the club may be responsible for purchasing a replacement with their budget.

Fender Kit PA Systems: Potable public address units (PAs) are available and may be checked out from SGA through the Equipment Rental Form. Clubs can use this equipment for music or annoucements at a club event.

SGA Square Terminal: The new Apple Sqaure Terminal is used to collect funds, and may be checked out from SGA through the Equipment Rental Form for use during club fundraising events. Clubs must have an approved Fundraising Request Form completed prior to reserving the Square reader.

All other media needs for club/org meetings and events on Campus should be included in the non-classroom or classroom reservation request and by emailing media services at Please note that Media Services usually does not support events past 9pm at night.

SGA Office Appointments: Bookings

Appointments need to be scheduled through  SGA Office Reservations for purchasing and setting up meetings with office staff. Clubs will also be able to reserve the space to have meetings, make banners, or pick up and drop off supplies.

All meetings with the SGA Office Manager, and Office Assistants can be scheduled in person and virtually. 

Clubs are encouraged to select a meeting platform/space that allows all members to attend. This includes meeting virtually, in person, or in a hybrid fashion. This is a wonderful way to conduct club meetings, executive board meetings, general meetings, one-on-one meetings, or club events.

Meeting or Hosting an Event Virtually through Microsoft Teams

The College encourages the use of the Microsoft Teams platform when a group is hosting a meeting or event virtually. SGA is encouraging groups if they choose to host virtual meetings to use the Colleges supported platform. SGA will not support additional funding for any other virtual platforms unless a specific need arises. 

Microsoft Teams can do the following to make your virtual meeting more productive:  

  • Online video calling and screen sharing
  • Online meetings
  • Audio conferencing
  • Teams and channels
  • Conversations within teams and channels
  • Chat function
  • Poll and survey features
  • Document storage in SharePoint

For more information, contact MCLA Tech Help for instructions on using Microsoft Teams. Please visit the section on “Campus Groups” for further information on how to connect your event/ meeting with your club account.

Meeting or Hosting an Event In Person

Clubs may meet or host an event in person if they can find a space that meets their occupancy and set-up needs. Masks remail optional around campus and individuals should decide to wear or nto wear masks based on their personal choice.

To meet in person, clubs must go online to book their desired space* on campus. Reservations for all college spaces need to be submitted either through the Non Classroom Space Request Form *this form can be accessed on your MCLA portal page under the "Forms" tab or through the Classroom Request Form *this form can be accessed using the link or also on the MCLA portal page under "Forms."

To see if the non classroom space you would like to book is available, please check here. If you wish to see if a classroom space is available before booking you may reach out to the Registrar’s Office at 413-662-5216. Please refer to the Classroom Space Request Form to view each classroom setup.

Please refer to the Non Classroom Space Request Form to view occupancy and set up for each available room this semester. If you are booking an event such as a movie night, dance, or a larger scale program, prior approval from the Student Engagement Office will be needed. Please email April Wright, to schedule a meeting.

Documenting Engagement on Presence

All in-person and virtual meetings and events need to submit the following on Campus Groups:

  • Attendance for each meeting and event
  • Agenda provided on the day of meeting
  • Minutes taken during meeting

Submitting these will help both SGA and your club to document the level of engagement in your meetings or events. SGA may also consider these documents during the budget process.

Please refer to the additional resources on this SGA Club Resources page below that provides more information on how to submit these. You can also contact SGA Office Manager Tom Spiro for more information and questions about Campus Groups.

Advertising your club/organization on campus is a great way to recruit members, promote involvement, and network with our community members. Look below for information on the many ways to advertise at MCLA.

Campus Tabling

The purpose for tabling for clubs/organizations is to help market your event, host a fundraiser, informational, etc. 

Tables can be booked for clubs/organizations in the Campus Center Marketplace, the Bowman Hall 1st floor lobby, or outside on the Academic Quad. All tables will need to be reserved through EMS under the Non Classroom Space Request Form at least a week in advance. (This form can be accessed on your MCLA portal page under the "Forms" tab. To see if the space you would like to book is available, please check here.)

When reserving a table, please note that you are only booking one table at a time. If your club/org feels they need more than one table, you will need to fill out multiple forms.

Considerations when choosing a table location:

Campus Center Marketplace

Tables are located in the middle of the Marketplace, outside of the Centennial Room.

The recommended times to table in the Marketplace are during: 

Lunch: 11:00am - 2:00pm 

Dinner: 4:30pm - 7:00pm

When your group arrives to set up, please make sure you find your assigned table (if tables have been assigned).

If your club/org is planning to host an event in the Marketplace that may need additional space or tables, you will need to convey those needs when filling out the booking form.

Bowman Hall 1st Floor Lobby Tables are located in the lobby and can be seen immediately upon coming into the 1st floor entrance from the quad. 
Academic Quad

Tables are located in predetermined spots across the Academic Quad.

These tables are considered weather-permitting events. In the case of inclement weather, your table will be canceled. 

Bulletin Board Postings

There are many bulletin boards located across campus that have spaces for clubs/orgs to post approved flyers. To post on campus bulletin boards, the club/org must submit flyers to the Student Engagement office for approval.

***See Flyer Guidelines below for information on how to create and print your flyer through SGA.

Bulletin Board Posting Process:

  1. Printed flyers must be dropped off physically to the Student Engagement Office (Campus Center 310) to be approved/stamped.
  2. If approved, the Student Engagement Office will stamp the flyers and post them on designated bulletin boards.
  3. After the flyer’s approval has expired (or 2 weeks have passed), the Student Engagement Office will remove postings.

Number of Postings Needed:

     Postings 8.5x11 in. or smaller

Campus 23
Residence Halls 16
Total 39

Postings larger than 8.5x11 in.

Campus 21
Residence Halls 10
Total 31


*Flyers will be posted by the Student Engagement staff for no more than 2 weeks at a time. Please make sure you submit your flyer at least a week before the event to give the Student Engagement Staff enough time to post the flyer on the bulletin boards around campus. Flyers given to the Student Engagement Office within 1 week or later of the event date, the office cannot guarantee flyers will be posted to properly advertise your event.

***To have flyers printed, SGA clubs/orgs must email the SGA Office Manager with their flyer and state the size of the flyer and if they want them printed in color.

All printing is free for clubs up to 39 copies.

Flyer Guidelines:

  • Flyers must state the host group’s name, event name, date, time, and location (if advertising an event)
  • Include a white square for the Student Engagement stamp on darker flyers
  • Flyers must be submitted for approval 1 week prior to the event date
  • Flyers may only be displayed for up to 2 weeks
  • Semester-long advertisements are not permitted
  • Flyers may only be posted in approved areas by Student Engagement Office staff
  • If a group is wishing to post in a unique location on campus, an example of a unique location would be a wall in the Campus Center; those postings would need to be approved by the Student Engagement Office.
    • The only approved tape to attach items to a wall are masking or painters tape. Duct Tape is not permitted!

Monitor Postings

There are several monitors around campus that regularly display digital flyers. To post on the monitors, email your flyer in a jpeg or png format to

Marketplace Banners

Banners are a great way to market your club/organization in the Campus Center Marketplace.

Banner Process:

  1. Book a Banner Space through the Non-Classroom Space Request form. (Banners may only be booked for up to 2 weeks.)
  2. After receiving confirmation, a member(s) of your club/org should visit the SGA office to create your banner. You may use the office resources including banner paper, the die-cut letterpress, paint, markers, glue, and other craft supplies.
  3. Have your banner stamped by either the SGA Office or Student Engagement Office.
  4. Hang your banner in the Marketplace by draping it from the 2nd floor railing. You may only hang your banner on the pre-hung wire using binder clips. If you need additional binder clips, please see the SGA or Student Engagement Office. (Under no circumstances is a person allowed to climb over the railing to hang a banner.)

Banner Guidelines:

  • Your banner should measure 7.5ft x 4ft (the size of the SGA office table). Remember to leave at least 1 ft of blank space on the top for the banner to be clipped and to hang over the railing.
  • All banners need to have the host group’s name, event name, date, time, and location (if advertising an event) 

MCLA Events App

If you would like your event to be added to the MCLA Events App, email Tom Spiro, to receive instructions.

Purchasing Items For Your Club

All SGA-affiliated clubs/orgs are encouraged to use their pre-approved SGA budget for purchasing items for their meetings and events. If you have questions about your SGA budget, please look at your clubs page on Campus Groups, or contact the SGA Office Manager. 

Purchase Process:

  1. To purchase items or services, the club must fill out the Purchase Request Form at least one week prior to needing the items for an event.
  2. The SGA Office Manager must approve the purchase through the Campus Groups site. Your approval will be followed by a confrmation email, prompting you to make a reservation to borrow the a credit card (you will not be allowed to make a purchase wilthout prior approval).
  3. Once the purchase request has been approved, clubs can make an appointment to use the SGA Mastercard or Walmart card using the SGA Office Reservations bookings (you will not be able to make an appointment if it is less than one (1) week in advance).

Purchase Guidelines:

  • Purchases can be made in person (e.g. Walmart), or over the phone (e.g. Ramuntos/Pizza Works). Online orders (e.g. Amazon) must be made by the SGA Office Manager.
    • Clubs and Organizations can borrow a credit card from the Office Manager to go shopping. Representatives will be given a 2 hour block during which they can use the card, and can only be used during offfice hours, 8:30am to 4:30pm (cards cannot be borrowed after 2:30pm).
      • Students can use their phone, or an office computer to make online purchases from the SGA Office.
      • You must provide must include links for each item you wish to buy for online purchases. You must include exact amounts, sizes and colors.
      • Purchaseds are restricted to those that follow all college rules and regulations. (Example: clubs may not buy candles, as that violates Res Life & Housing guidelines.)
      • Gift cards may not be purchased for college sponsored events.

Hiring for Specific Needs and Services 

  • Clubs and organizations may wish to hire MCLA students or vendors outside of the institution for an event. This can include roles such as DJs, speakers, poets, magicians, comedians, van drivers, and tech services.
  • Prior to requesting services from a current MCLA student or an outside vendor, please contact the SGA Office Manager at
  • To hire current MCLA students 

To hire current MCLA students,

  • interested students must apply for the SGA/Student Affairs Talent job posting and fill out all necessary paperwork with the MCLA Human Resources Office.
  • To be compensated for their work, current students must also fill out a timesheet of hours worked. Students cannot work or perform a service until they have completed these steps.  For more information, please visit the MCLA Student Employment website.

To hire outside vendors

  • To hire outside vendors; an individual or company offering services (speakers, magicians, DJ’s, etc), SGA clubs/orgs must fill out the Expenditure Request Form as well as the Contract for Services form.  For information on how to fill out a Contract for Services; click here.

Any club or organization on campus may raise funds by selling goods or hosting a profitable event. This can be a great way to strengthen your club’s presence on campus and raise money for future endeavours. Money attained through fundraising must be expended within the academic year that they are collected.

Fundraising Guidelines

Prior to running/hosting any fundraising events or efforts, clubs and organizations must complete the Fundraising Form. This form will need to be completed and approved at least 1 month prior to the anticipated fundraiser date.

Examples of fundraisers include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Bake Sales
  • Raffles
  • “Pie-a-professor”
  • Selling of items  (pre orders required)
  • Charging admission to an event
  • Soliciting (directly asking students/business/alumni for money)

Once the fundraiser has been approved by all the appropriate departments, groups should then follow the event booking procedure and event guidelines (see sections “Meeting or Hosting an Event In Person” and “Campus Tabling”).

Bake Sale Fundraisers
Please note these specific guidelines for bake sale fundraisers.

  • Any person handling food must first complete the mandatory Food Handler Certificiation. Please contact April Wright, for more information and to sign up.
  • All foods must be protected from unnecessary handling, airborne contamination, and pests. Baked goods should be either:
    • Placed in food storage bags or containers,
    • Wrapped with new food-grade plastic, wax paper, or foil,
    • Or dispensed from a covered food storage container.
  • Bare hand contact with the food items should be avoided by using plastic gloves, tissues, bags or utensils (tongs/spoons).
  • Good standards of housekeeping and hygiene are expected of persons operating the bake sale. All foods should be displayed on clean counters and the bake sale area maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Individuals shall thoroughly wash their hands before conducting the sale and after any act that could contaminate their hands, such as coughing, eating, or using the restroom.
  • A sign or placard stating “Home Baked” must be posted.
  • Those donating baked goods should be encouraged to identify/label any product that contains any major allergen. Major allergens include peanuts (peanut butter), eggs, wheat, soybeans, milk and milk products (e.g. butter, buttermilk, cheese) and tree nuts (e.g. almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews). *A copy of the recipe near the items being sold would be appropriate.
  • The event organizer should either retain a list of who has donated which food items, OR the wrapped baked items should be labeled with the baker’s name in order to identify the source of the product. 

Ways to Collect Funds 

  • Cash: Please see SGA for a cash box to collect funds. Those in possession of the cash box are responsible for the monies.
  • Pre-order sales: You may choose to collect money before an order is placed. Deposit all monies collected to the SGA Office Manager.
  • Apple Square Terminal Card Reader: You may reserve and borrow the SGA Apple Square Terminal when fundraising to provide a pay-by-credit card option. Please fill out the SGA Equipment Reservation Form to reserve the days/ times needed.

REMINDER: All funds collected must be turned into the SGA Office Manager at the end of each day.

Clubs and organizations may choose to run a giveaway or offer prizes and gifts as part of their meeting or event. This can be an engaging way to promote involvement in your club, incentivize attendance to an event, or simply make an event more enjoyable for its attendees.

Information on Giveaways, Prizes, and Gifts

  Definition Spending Limitations Notes & Guidelines
Giveaways Items given away for free as a way to market MCLA, promote a club, and/or to recruit potential new members.  The individual cost of each item purchased for a giveaway should not exceed more than $5.  
Prizes Items given as a reward to the winner of a competition or in recognition of an outstanding achievement. While there is no limit on the amount a club may spend on a prize, they should be mindful of how much they are spending and strive for creativity. When giving a prize, a list of winners and their signatures needs to be submitted to the SGA Office the day after the event where the prize was given.

Items given to a person without payment (a present) for recognition.

Clubs and organizations often give gifts to recognize the hard work that members, advisors, and graduating seniors have done for their organization.


The only spending limitation is for gifts given to MCLA employees, which may not exceed $49. This amount has been determined by the state of MA for state employees.  It is recommended that gifts are within reason. Please refer to your club or organization’s budget when planning to purchase gifts. 
(Sometimes a simple thank you note is enough!)


Any items given as part of a giveaway, prize, or gift cannot contain prohibited items as outlined in the Residence Life & Housing handbook (e.g. candles). 

Gift Cards

Gift cards may not be purchased for college sponsored events.

Clubs and organizations can use funds to provide snacks, refreshments, and prepared food from local restaurants for students during meetings and events. We recognize that food brings people together and is a factor in building community. However, food is not encouraged for regular E-Board meetings.

Purchasing Food

Food can be purchased with the SGA credit card with club funds by filling out an Purchase Request Form on EngageMCLA, and booking a time to use the credit card under the SGA Office Reservations. 

Clubs may also purchase food items from stores such as Stop & Shop, Walmart, etc.

Catering from Aramark

Follow the below process when ordering through MCLA (Aramark) to cater a campus event.  

  1. At least 3 weeks prior to your event
    1. reach out to MCLA Catering Manager Jerel Dydowicz,
      1. cc SGA Office Manager Tom Spiro, to receive quotes before officially ordering
  2. Fill out the SGA Purchase Request Form with the numbers from any quote for the purchase to be approved.
  3. Once the purchase has been approved through the SGA purchase request process, you should confirm with the MCLA Catering Manager to place the order. Then copy the SGA Office Manager, Tom Spiro on this confirmation correspondence.

Catering from a Local Restaurant

Follow the below process when ordering from a local restaurant to cater a campus event.

  1. At least 1 week prior to your event, fill out the SGA Expenditure Request Form.
  2. The SGA Office Manager must approve the purchase through the EngageMCLA.
  3. Once your purchase has been submitted and approved, clubs should make an appointment to use the SGA credit card using the SGA Office Reservations bookings.
  4. Clubs must provide a list of students who attended the catered event. The list must be delivered to the SGA Office (Campus Center, rm 316) no later than the next business day along with the original paid itemized receipt.
  5. Catered food that is further than walking distance for a pickup must be delivered to campus. Clubs may use additional funds to pay any delivery fee or tips (no more than 15% of the total bill).

Student organizations may sponsor films or shows of other media on campus, provided they comply with all copyright regulations. 

Guidelines for Showing Films & Media

  • Student organizations must obtain permission from the individuals who have the rights to the film or digital media prior to showing the film.
    • The cost of obtaining a license to show a film is the responsibility of the club/org to purchase.
    • Please contact the Student Engagement Office to learn how to obtain movie licensing. Email April Wright,
  • Organizations may not use DVD’s rented from local distributors, personally owned items or online streaming services (e.g. Netflix) to show productions on-campus. This is a violation of the law, as these are intended for home viewing purposes only. 

Private vs. Public Screenings


An individual personally invites a few friends over to watch a movie or a TV show that’s no longer available on TV. They buy or rent a DVD or Blu Ray disc from the store or a digital video file from an online store and show the film or TV episode in their home that night. This is considered a private home screening.


An individual or group who hosts a meeting/gathering, creates a public Facebook event, or hangs posters to invite others (residents from their residence hall, members of a department or student organization) to watch a movie. This is considered a public screening and infringes the copyright of the movie or TV show the individual is showing.*


*The ONLY exception to this is in the case of face-to-face classroom instruction by a faculty member for a registered academic course. The faculty member may show the film/movie outside the normal class period (at night for example), however, it is only for those students who are registered for the class. Acceptable attendance for films in which the copyright is not purchased only includes students registered for the class, the instructor, and guest lecturer(s). The movie must also be shown in spaces that are designated for instruction; therefore, library screening rooms, residence hall or program house lounges, meeting rooms, or other function spaces do not qualify. A faculty member cannot show it for their class AND open it up to the rest of the campus – in that case public screening rights must be purchased. Freel Library resource to showing films within the classroom.

Resources for Screening Public Media

Freel Library: Our library has obtained public screening licenses on some titles available through the catalog or online resources with the following requirements. Questions on library resources can be directed to the Freel Library Staff

Films on Demand

MCLA Licensed Streaming Films

Netflix Educational Screening of Documentaries Information

*The Freel Library does have an existing relationship with Kanopy, Docuseek, Swank, and Alexander Street and can help with the logistics of getting titles from those distributors.

Please contact the Student Engagement Office to learn how to obtain movie licensing. Email April Wright,

There are a few different types of dances or concerts that can be hosted by clubs and organizations on campus, each of which has different definitions and requirements. If an organization is interested in hosting one of these, please read the different types of options below before moving forward. 

Level A  

A1. This is a dance that would only be open to MCLA students and no outside guests. 

  • Dance would be held between 6:00pm - 11:00pm.
  • The dance would need to be over and cleaned up before 11:15pm.
  • The dance would need to be supervised by
    • (a) the club advisor,the supervising advisor would need to be approved by the Student Engagement Office no later than one week in advance 
    • (b) by a member of the Student Engagement staff.
    • This level of dance does not require hiring a Public Safety Officer or hiring a professional DJ.  

A2. This dance would only be for club members, no other MCLA students or non-MCLA guests.

  • Special permission can be granted for this dance to go after 11:15pm if circumstances are warranted.
  • The dance would need to be supervised by
    • (a) the club advisor, the supervising advisor would need to be approved by the Student Engagement Office no later than one week in advance 
    • (b) by a member of the Student Engagement staff.
  • This dance does not require hiring a Public Safety Officer or hiring a professional DJ.  

Level B

This dance would be open to all MCLA students and their approved guests with proper guest passes from Public Safety or an RA. 

  • Dance would be held between the hours of 6:00pm - 1:00am.
  • A hired Public Safety Officer and 2 staff members from the Student Engagement Office must be present at all times.
  • This type of dance would be required to meet all of the tasks in the Dance Protocol document; contact Student Engagement for a copy of the Dance Protocol packet.  

Level C 

This is a concert where an artist of any musical type is performing on campus. 

  • The concert/dance would need to be supervised by
    • (a) the club advisor, 
    • (b) by a member of the Student Engagement staff. The event would need to meet the rules, guidelines, and responsibilities outlined in the Dance Protocol Packet. This event does not need to be one of the dates posted on the exterior, although the
      • The date needs to be approved and a meeting must be set at least 1 month in advance to discuss the event and make a plan.
      • Events open to the public would require a hired Public Safety Officer or more depending on the scope of the event. 

For further questions, please contact the Student Engagement Office.

For more details regarding the planning of a dance, please review the Dance Protocol Packet.

All students participating in off-campus trips are required to complete the MCLA Travel Waiver. Please email April Wright with any questions.

Taking trips off campus* either around the Berkshires or beyond is a great bonding experience for clubs/organizations. Please read this section for guidelines for travel. These rules represent some, but not all, of the guidelines that clubs/orgs are expected to follow when planning a trip. 

The timeline for booking a club/org trip can take up to 3 weeks from start to finish. Please plan and book your event early! 

*Any student participating in a college sanctioned trip must abide by all MCLA institution policies regardless of location. 


Please note that transporting students to off campus events in personal vehicles is prohibited. 

Below are a variety of options for how to transport your club/org members to an event.

MCLA Vans 

  • Driving range: 50 miles (special allowances can be made on a case-by-case basis)
    • Depending on the trip, an advisor may need to be present.
  • No more than 2 MCLA Vans should be booked for anyone one destination; if planning on more than 24 students on a trip*, Clubs/Orgs may need to book a charter bus/school bus
  • Van Sizes (Van availability is dependent at time of booking-planning early is essential)
    • *Example: Club/Org requests two 12 passenger vans hoping that 24 students (this number includes the 2 van drivers, one for each van) can attend, but only two 8 passenger vans are available. Meaning only 16 students (this number includes 2 van drivers, one for each van) can attend.
      • Club/Orgs will need to decide a process for trip sign up/wait list or select a new date for the trip when the number of vans requested is available. Remember, it's never too early to begin the Van Booking Process!
    • Van Sizes available to reserve
      • 8 passenger (number includes driver)
      • 11 passenger (number includes driver)
      • 12 passenger (number includes driver) 

MCLA Van Booking Process

  1. Be prepared to start this process at least 3 weeks before anticipated travel time.
  2. Fill out the Student Travel Request Form with the following information. Vans will not be booked for clubs/orgs who do not answer all of the below required booking details.
    1. Club hosting the trip
    2. Destination (name and address)
    3. Date and time of departure, and the date and time of arrival back to campus
    4. Number of vans needed (1 or 2 vans)
    5. Number of students (including the driver) attending *Reminder: depending on the nature of the event an advisor may be required to attend, please consider when advertising available spots.
    6. Van driver name(s) (first/last)
  3. Once a van reservation is confirmed by the SGA Office Manager, use the Purchase Request Form to request using club funds for items such as parking, admission tickets, etc.. This, along with the Student Travel Request Form must be approved prior to travel
  4. Travel Waivers must be completed and on file for all students attending any trip off campus. in addition to the waivers, a list of all students participating must be submitted to the SGA Office Manager.

Van Drivers 

Students are encouraged to become van drivers for their club/organization. If the club/org does not have any approved Van Drivers or any willing student who is participating in the trip, they may have to pay for a certified student to drive. 

To become a certified van driver, students must be at least 20 years old with 2 years of driving experience. Interested students need to contact Public Safety at 413-662-5284 or visit them at 277 Ashland Street. 

Hiring a Van Driver  

  1. After you have filled out the Student Travel Request Form, make sure to fill out the Expenditure Request Form for approval to spend funds on a certified driver.
  2. Clubs must then have student(s) apply for the Van Driving Pool job posting and fill out all necessary paperwork with the MCLA Human Resources Office.
    1. To be compensated for their work, current students must also fill out a timesheet of hours worked. Students cannot work or perform a service until they have completed these steps.

For more information, please visit the MCLA Student Employment website.

Enterprise Rentals

Clubs may decide to or be required to rent Enterprise vehicles if MCLA vans are not available (due to booking unavailability or the nature of the destination). 

The club/org will need to use club funds to pay for the rental vehicle(s), as well as gas and other expenses.

  1. Be prepared to start this process a minimum of 3 weeks before anticipated travel time.
  2. Fill out the Student Travel Request Form with the following information. Enterprise Rentals will not be booked for clubs/orgs who do not answer all of the below required booking details.
    1. Club hosting the trip
    2. Destination (name and address)
    3. Date and time of departure, and the date and time of arrival back to campus
    4. Number of vans looking to rent
    5. Number of students attending *Reminder: depending on the nature of the event an advisor may be required to attend, please consider when advertising available spots.
  3. Then fill out an Expenditure Request Form to request using club funds. This must be approved prior to travel.

Please note that the college follows the Enterprise age and driving requirements for those driving the rental vehicle. 

Chartered Bus/School Bus 

  • Clubs and organizations will need to budget for the price of a bus when planning a trip:
    • School Bus: estimated $100 per hour (varies depending on destination/mileage)
    • Chartered Bus: around $2,000 (varies depending on destination/mileage)
  • Depending on the trip, an advisor may be needed to be present.

Chartered Bus/School Bus Booking Process 

  1. Be prepared to start this process a minimum 3 weeks before anticipated travel time.
  2. Fill out the Student Travel Request Form with the following information. Buses will not be booked for clubs/orgs who do not answer all of the below required booking details.
    1. Club hosting the trip
    2. Destination (name and address)
    3. Date and time of departure, and the date and time of arrival back to campus
    4. Number of buses looking to rent
    5. Number of students attending *Reminder: depending on the nature of the event an advisor may be required to attend, please consider when advertising available spots.
  3. Then fill out an Expenditure Request Form to request using club funds. This must be approved prior to travel. 


While it is not required that clubs provide meals for their attendees, they may choose to cover certain meals on a trip. 

If a trip's duration is longer than 4 hours, clubs/orgs may provide funding to partially cover or fully cover a meal. It should be noted that if a club/org is covering certain expenses already (e.g. ticket to a concert or other venue tickets of admission), the club can ask members to fund or bring their own food.

If clubs/organizations are providing food for attendees, the club/organization must submit a list of those students to the SGA Office Manager. If the club/organization wishes to provide food for their trip advisor, prior approval from the VP of Student Affairs much be received.

Overnight/Conference Travel Trips 

This type of trip needs to be coordinated with the SGA Office Manager, Tom Spiro and the Student Engagement Office. 

Planning for a conference or overnight trip should be planned at least 2 months before the anticipated trip. 


To reserve the SGA Office for a club service please fill out the


Please print and submit any and all forms to the SGA Office Manager, Amanda Schuler, in the SGA Office (Campus Center 316) or send via email.


Advisor Contract

Advisor Worksheet

Club Sports Participation Agreement

Co-Sponsorship Form Clubs-Clubs

Co-Sponsorship Form with SGA

Fundraising Activity Application

Equipment Reservation Form

SGA Non-Hazing Policy/Form

New SGA Club Application

Mock Constitution

Prize Winner Form


Contract for Services

Expenditure Request Form


Student Travel Request Form


These are informational, step by step, instructions on how to fill out MCLA/SGA forms. These forms are for clubs and organizations to efficiently process payments and requests.

Submitting an Expenditure Request on Presence

Submitting Meeting Minutes on Presence

Contract for Services Tutorial


General Meeting and Campus Groups Information

A club or organization meeting is one of the most important and most frequent events each group will hold. Due to that it is critical that the meetings be useful and effective for all the members. Meetings help to set the tone, standards and expectations for the group but can sometimes be counterproductive.

Everyone dreads attending a meeting if it is going to be boring, unproductive, or will last too long. With a bit of preparation and advance planning, meetings can be extremely successful.

Meetings have many purposes. They give members a chance to discuss goals and keep updated on current events of the organization. They provide an opportunity for the group to pull resources together for decision making. In addition, meetings provide an opportunity for members to come together and get to know each other. Careful planning and thorough follow-up can help make the meetings successful and productive. It is the club secretary's job to record and submit all meeting minutes through Campus Groups and to take attendance, see videos below. 

Advance Preparations

  1. Prior to planning the meeting, be sure to book a space on campus and get confirmation.
  2. Be sure that all persons involved have been informed of the day, time and place of the meeting. It is preferred if all members have two weeks notice to block out their time.
  3. Check with everyone who is to give reports or speeches at the meeting to be sure that they are prepared and have everything they may need.
  4. See that the meeting place is in order, that the necessary materials are handy, and that there are enough seats for everyone.
  5. Hold an E-Board member meeting, prior to the full group meeting, to review topics and reports to put in an agenda. Check with all officers to see if they have anything to report or add.
  6. Prepare an agenda with the input of the E-Board and be sure that the Secretary has a copy.
  7. Arrive early for the meeting. The example set by the E-Board will be followed by others.

Effective Meetings

  1. If possible, have a regular time and place for the meetings each week. This will help members of the group keep a consistent schedule and routine. It also makes it easier for the group members to remember the meeting.
  2. If you hold a general club meeting you may serve light refreshments: they make members feel welcome and comfortable. Serving food is discouraged for E-Board meetings.
  3. Have copies of the agendas available for all members when they arrive. If possible, hand out the agendas in advance of the meeting. This will provide the members the opportunity to review and prepare for what is going to be discussed.
  4. Start the meeting on time. It is not fair to those who arrived on time to wait for those who are late.
  5. Stick to your agenda.
  6. Have the group Secretary take minutes. Minutes should be read at the following meeting for approval. Find Minutes template here.
  7. Follow Robert’s Rules of Order, or a modified version. (See “Parliamentary Procedures” section below.)
  8. Be a role model by listening, showing interest, appreciation and confidence in members.
  9. Establish committees or various subdivisions for on-going projects. Have each committee chair report their progress at future meetings.
  10. Summarize agreements reached and end the meeting on a positive note.
  11. End the meeting on time. Do not drag out the meeting. Inform people of when the meeting will end and stick to that time.

After the Meeting

  1. Write up and distribute meeting minutes within a few days of the meeting. Send copies of minutes to those who did not attend the meeting so that they are kept informed.
  2. Hold a meeting with the E-Board to discuss any problems or questions that may have come up during the meeting. Put together a plan for the next meeting.
  3. Follow-up on delegated tasks. It is important to check that everyone is following through with their responsibilities.
  4. Put any unfinished business on the next meeting’s agenda.

Parliamentary Procedures

Parliamentary Procedure is a set of rules for conducting a meeting. It allows everyone to be heard and make decisions without confusion. It means democratic rule, flexibility, protection of rights and a fair hearing for everyone. Given its nature, parliamentary procedure can be adapted to fit the needs of any club or organization.

For a detailed set of rules, consult Robert’s Rule of Order and Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance.

Interested in being on the E-Board of one of your clubs? Well there are two important items to keep in mind while deciding.

1. Think about why you want the position. What can you bring? This will help you develop your ideas and goals for the position

2. Consider all the commitments you already have. Do you have the time to commit to the position? You can write out your commitments and the approximate time they will take in a week. This will help you determine if you have the time for the basics of the position in addition to all the extra work you’d want to do to accomplish your goals.

Add new people to your club roster on Presence using the video below.