Music & Philosophy Grad Finds Perfect Job at NEFA

January 23, 2019

Falyn ElhardJust a few months after completing dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in performing arts and philosophy, Falyn Elhard ’18 is now a program associate at the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA).

From the opportunity to work with a variety of artists and experience their works to the welcoming environment and commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion that NEFA offers, Elhard is enjoying their new role.

As a program associate, Elhard provides critical support for the program director and manager of New England Presenting and Touring. Their many responsibilities include providing ongoing technical assistance for grant recipients, assisting artists and arts presenters, and working with the communications staff to develop and post content for the organization’s website and social media accounts.

As an undergraduate, Elhard worked at MCLA’s Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations, planning, organizing, and executing various events, and managing databases and communications.

Elhard also worked in administration at MCLA’s ALANA (African, Latin, Asian, and Native American) and Multicultural Education Resource Center, advocating in support of diverse groups. In addition, they served as co-president of the MCLA Queer Student Union, collaborating with professional staff and bringing awareness to LGBTQ+ issues on campus.

Elhard, a classically trained soprano who performed at various campus and community events while a student at MCLA, said it was a love for singing that led them to major in music. The performances also contributed to their enjoyment of arts administration.

“What drew me to event planning was the sense of fulfillment that comes with executing an event well and seeing that the guests are happy, and in learning the skill of constant adaptation as things change and develop in ways that one did not anticipate they would,” Elhard explained. “Once I had advanced my musical education and cultivated my interest in event planning, the two organically came together as I decided to pursue arts administration.”