Two Paths, One Campus: Mother & Son Attend MCLA Together

February 6, 2019

When she attended a 2017 open house event at MCLA with her son as he considered his college options, Stephanie Melito ’19 of Adams was impressed. But it wasn’t until she found herself unemployed several months later that she decided to finish the degree she started at the College back in 2008.

“It was increasingly difficult to qualify for a good paying position without a college degree,” Melito said. “It made sense for me to take the time to complete my degree before going back to work.”

Melito joined MCLA’s degree completion program, which wasn’t available when she first began her studies. “My schedule allows me to take classes with the adult learners at the MCLA-Pittsfield location, and in North Adams on campus with the traditional college students,” she said.

A business administration major with a marketing minor, Melito owns a small marketing company with her husband. After she graduates this December, she will join him full time at their business. Her future plans include enrolling in MCLA’s MBA program.

A computer science major with a concentration in information technology, Brian Adelt ’21 said he will apply the innovative thinking he’s learning at MCLA to change the face of future technology.

Despite attending college together, this mother and son duo rarely cross paths on campus due to their different programs, but attending the same college definitely has some advantages. Adelt works on campus as a computer help desk consultant, and also serves as secretary to the Student Activities Council. As a result, he’s often more aware of the latest happenings on campus. Melito relies on him to fill her in on what she needs to know.

And, according to Adelt, “Going to school with my mom is beneficial because I am able to gain her point of view on various coursework, which exposes my mind to different perspective.”