New Womens Lacrosse Coach: Kaitlyn Feeney

August 15, 2018

A lacrosse player since the fifth grade who participated in the sport throughout her college years, MCLA’s new Women’s Lacrosse Coach Kaitlin Feeney will share an important level of understanding with the student athletes with whom she will work. She also brings a variety of experience as a collegiate coach for multiple institutions.

Selected after a nationwide search, Feeney has served as the head lacrosse coach at three universities and colleges, most recently at Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Mass. She previously earned her master’s degree in sports and exercise science, with a concentration in coaching, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla., while she coached that school’s lacrosse team.

It was at graduate school that Feeney gained knowledge about the more technical side of athletics, such as strength and conditioning program design, nutrition, and the anatomy and physiology of exercise.

“It provides an understanding of the physiological reasons for why we, as coaches, do the workouts and drills that our athletes endure,” Feeney explained. “In addition, it allows for a more informed way of designing practice and game schedules. I have found it is incredibly helpful when dealing with injured players, and understanding why the injury occurred and how to prevent it in the future.”

Her work with MCLA’s student athletes will include community service.

“As a coach you impact and shape lives, many times leaving an impact you are not even aware of. I try to take this opportunity, especially during this pivotal time in a student’s life, to help them become great, well-rounded members of society and not be just known for their contributions on the lacrosse field,” she said. “Community service and involvement is a one of the best ways to achieve this.”