Campus Radio Job Leads to Internship at Top 40 Station

August 29, 2018

Radio jobs typically are tough to find for young people who are in or just out of college, but Jacob Vitali ’20 of Billerica, Mass., spent his summer working for 103.3 WODS – also known as AMP Radio – a Top 40 station in Boston, Mass. He returns to campus this semester as president of MCLA’s student radio station, WJJW.

“I’m thrilled to be getting my professional radio start right here in Boston,” said Vitali, who studies English/communications at MCLA. “Boston is the number 10 market in the top 10 radio markets. I’ve been told there’s a lot of pressure that accompanies working in a top 10 city, but WJJW prepared me incredibly well for this opportunity.”

As part of his interview for the position, Vitali talked about his work on campus at WJJW, where he hosts his own weekly, two-hour radio program that combines his interests in politics, music and comedy. This experience made it easy to provide his interviewers with an on-air sample.

In addition to running the control board, Vitali makes sure that pre-recorded bits for the show go out over the air. He also blends them with “music beds” (the layer of instrumental music that lies under the announcer’s voice) and hits the “sweepers” (a short promo that identifies the radio station) at the end.

“All of this is done in live time and requires me to be alert and think quickly,” he explained. “In addition, it’s my responsibility to make sure that all of the music and commercials get played, and make everything sound as tight and polished as possible.”  

Even though he will be back in school this fall, the plan is for him to stay on with AMP during the course of the academic year. “I can't wait to bring back the things that I learned at AMP to my new role as WJJW’s president this year,” Vitali said.