Building on skills gained in THEA 260 Intermediate Acting, THEA 479: Physical Theatre focuses on the aims and principles of the physical theatre performer. For the experienced actor serious about expanding their repertoire, this course develops an actor’s sensitivity, strength, and stamina through a variety of techniques, including viewpoints, contact improvisation, and contemporary dance. Students explore physical theatre choreography and character building tools including those aimed at actor movement, stage intimacy, and combat, while gaining practical experience in the creation of a work of physical theatre.


In order to be placed in the course, students must:
Have completed THEA 260 Intermediate Acting or equivalent by Spring of 2023.
Submit an audition questionnaire and agreement that includes an acting resume.
Successfully complete a group physical movement audition.
Actors of all abilities welcome. The movement in this course works with participants’ bodies’ own abilities whatever they are.

NOTE ABOUT PHYSICAL INTIMACY: This course involves intimate physicality, choreographed sexual intimacy, and stage violence. If you are not comfortable performing or witnessing theatrical intimacy of this nature, this course is not recommended.

Criteria for Acceptance
Evaluation will be based on the following:
Evidence of a serious commitment to acting training and preparing for the demands of a career as an actor.
Ability and potential as a performer including vivid imagination, articulate body, and strong voice.
Curiosity, stamina, courage, emotional accessibility, and willingness to take risks.
Ability to memorize both text and movement combinations quickly.
Ability to execute clearly defined movement patterns carried out with purpose, efficiency, and the desired result.
A willingness to re-evaluate technique and explore new approaches to training.
Ability to work as part of an ensemble including: the ability to follow directions, a willingness to partner and be partnered, ability to work openly and honestly with other performers, ability to be flexible in the creative process.
A readiness to engage in challenging, intensive work.
A capacity for sustained concentration while investigating movement.
Ability to spontaneously create movement following an inner impulse to move.
Ability to respond with sensitivity to others in given improvisational structures.

Group Movement Audition

Because of the physical and movement-based nature of this course, the audition will consist of a group movement audition that not only helps us determine your fit for the course, but also helps you determine whether this course is right for you.

Preparation: 24 hours before the audition, a short piece of text will be made available to all registered audition attendees to quickly memorize. Come prepared to participate in a set of movement exercises and improvisations that will allow you to collaborate with others and incorporate your newly memorized text.

The following is a link to the audition registration and application: Audition Registration and Application.

Once you have completed the application, including uploading resume documentation, an email containing all details about the audition itself, including location, will be sent to you confirming your registration.

NOTE. All auditions are private. We find that students do their best and most honest work when parents and guests are not watching. In the room will be the instructor, Laura Standley.

Questions? Contact: Laura Standley: